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Twitter is one of the newest and best web 2.0 sites that has a ton of traffic. Twitter is straightforward to use and that is what made it so famous. Twitter is popular right now and publishing content to it with proper hashtags can lead to your information going viral.

Twitter is simple to use and can be so effective for a business. You may need a couple of hours to get the hang of how the fundamentals work and which hashtags are best to use, but it is worth the time.

Marketed correctly, you can get website visitors totally free using Twitter as a microblogging platform. You need to be concise with your Tweets because there is a character limit (140). Here are some hints to help you get traffic from Twitter:

Make your Twitter profile interesting

Your profile and your username are the two primary keys your profile visitors will see. If your profile looks boring, people may not bother to read your tweets, visit the links you submit, or follow you. You can’t write a long bio, but you can input a few phrases that explain what is interesting about you – i.e. occupation, interests, and many others. You may additionally add keywords in your bio that would attract like interests of other people.

Pick a niche-targeted username

Your username is also very essential. You want to choose a username that is centered around your niche. For instance, in case you are selling SEO services and want to get traffic to your website, you may select something like SEOmaster, SEOguru, SEOservices, and many others. Your username will display in search results that potential customers make.

Put your site/blog URL in your profile

It is important to use your profile to your advantage. Add your website URL in your bio so that people can easily find your site when they follow you.

Send the link to your profile to your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances

Your buddies, coworkers, and pals can be your most dependable target market, so send them your Twitter page and invite them to follow!

Search for Twitter users with similar interests

You may have hundreds of friends, but getting more fans is something you should always work on. You can use the search functions on Twitter and find people with similar hobbies. Discover as many as you can and invite them all. These people might not be as dependable as your buddies, coworkers, and pals, but still you may get hits from them as well. Some Twitter users say that about 1-2% of their fans visit their site per day, because of this, when you have 1,000 followers, you would possibly count on to get at the least 10 or 20 visits a day to your website.