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We OFFER Influencer Contest Sponsorships to Grow Your Account in a LEGIT WAY


REAL Active Worldwide Ad Campaigns

REAL Active Worldwide Ad Campaigns

  • Real Instagram Followers (WORLDWIDE) From ADS
  • You Pay for 1 account and you get 20k to 200k Real Followers in 48-72 hours of campaign starting.
  • Start Time = Up to 5 -10 Days for Campaign Approvals.
  • Speed = 5-25K Per Day (The Speed can’t be slower)
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  • You Will notice a huge increase in your Likes on each post.
  • **Service Does NOT Offer Refills since the accounts are 100% Real. If you do not have good content, do not bother running an ad campaign. There is always going to be a percentage that will drop after campaing, but will steady out.

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