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General FAQ:

  • What is BuySocialTraffic.net

    BuySocialTraffic.net is a unique Social Media Marketing company committed to generating and increasing traffic to your website from social media platforms. We believe in offering the highest-quality service in the industry, with excellent customer service, and while keeping our prices low and competitive.


Facebook Traffic FAQ:

  • Is your Facebook Traffic Safe?

    Yes! We will find groups and post your website link so that people who are in those groups will click and check out what your site has to offer

  • Is your Facebook Traffic Targeted?

    Not at this time. Right now we are focusing on getting  you traffic from Facebook. The users may be interested in your website if your content is valuable. You may get people who love what you do and start following you or even be interested in what you are selling!

  • How fast will I get the traffic?

    We will start promotion within 24 hours and traffic will vary and depend on when users see the posts. We will always try to get between 300-1000 visitors per day


Youtube Traffic FAQ: