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On the face of it, Twitter seems like a pretty simple platform. You publish short messages, gain fans, and link them to your websites to drive traffic.

For example, Katy Perry, a global celebrity and Twitter user,  has the most followers of anyone on Twitter (100 million+) – gets thousands of retweets and favorites on her posts.

With that form of “success” you can see the potential of having a following and the impact it could make to the traffic on your site.  There’s a lot you can do to drive visitors to your website and your other social profiles with out investing a cent.

Some of these techniques will take time to build up. That’s the tradeoff in free advertising methods vs. paid.  This will be a great asset to your business if you build it right.

1. Be a tease

Many users use a technique called clickbait. Clickbait works as it sparks the curiosity of the reader, but it doesn’t provide them enough information to know the entire story. You can do the same thing, to drive clicks to articles on your site. Just provide enough info to peak their interest and make them really want to find out what the rest of the story is. Keep from disclosing all of the story in a single tweet. Additionally, avoid writing content that is so thin it can be spoiled in a single tweet.

2. Optimize the heck out of your profile

You don’t have a lot of area, so use it strategically. A lot of times it’s the most effective exposure a new person has to you, so you ought to make it attractive. Add some info about who you are and what you publish and a hyperlink to your website. Also, plug in your location in particular so that you can be found in local searches.

3. Ask questions

A good way to get interaction from your followers is to ask questions in your tweets. Encourage followers to tweet you back a response. Another thing you can do is ask a questions and then have a link to the answer on your website or blog.  You can also run a survey  for suggestions to new products, product alternatives, optimization, or maybe simply future subjects for content material. Host weekly or monthly Q&A sessions and answer people once they ask you something.

4. Participate in industry Twitter chats

A Twitter chat is a scheduled time in which community moderators host a guided discussion surrounding a hashtag. You can participate in those by making your comment and adding the hashtag that is trending onto your post.  If you add valuable info or comments to a hashtag conversation, you will certainly gain some new followers.

5. Reply when a user messages you

It is important to reply to both direct messages (DM) and thru @mention methods. Ultimately it will payoff to be engaged with your followers. Your social media dashboard will send you notifications to your account on your smartphone or the computer.