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With 2.3 billion worldwide users on Youtube, it’s no wonder why video is the most popular marketing tool online. In order to be successful in this arena, every business must learn the tricks of the trade. Here are five tips to help your efforts succeed.

1. Video is not the end, it’s the beginning

This isn’t just some arbitrary goal that you’re aiming for. Your videos should always be able to help your business grow. The first thing to focus on is helping your viewers understand how they can apply these tips to their own activities. The best videos are those that demonstrate the techniques in action.

2. A video should be an extension of your brand

Your brand is what you stand for. In your videos, it should represent everything that you are and what you do. In fact, video is a way to show your customers your essence. A video is a video is a video, just be sure to incorporate your brand values throughout.

3. Make sure the content is clear and concise

If the content of your video is confusing, your viewers will quickly leave the page. Make sure that the video is straight to the point, concise and easy to understand. Your goal is to get videos on the YouTube-like sites. Make sure that your video is in the correct format or viewers will leave your page.

4. Use keywords correctly so they are highly searched

This way, you’re videos will get high ranks. The key to using keywords correctly is to use them in context. In other words, you want to use keyword phrases but use them in your video so they don’t conflict with other videos.

4. Make sure the video has strong content

Your video should have a strong message and a clear message should get your viewers to apply your core philosophies. Your video should have a powerful message that will convince viewers to join what you’re doing.

5. The video should be easy to digest

This shouldn’t be hard. Your videos should be straight to the point and easy to digest. If it’s hard, your viewers won’t keep them around.

You should have no problem making a video that gets its core message across. You should be able to make a video in 30 seconds or less. You should be able to make a video in less than 5 minutes.